Body-Mind-Consciousness Coaching

You are a three dimensional being: body, mind and consciousness. Consciousness is the most subtle aspect of your being. Einstein identified it as the part of you made up of universal energy. If you jump up and down and close your eyes you will feel pulsations of energy in your body. This is your energy field and how you experience your consciousness.

Through the lens of pure consciousness, you see yourself as you are and the world as it is. A part of you exists in this state, your Essential Self, and the journey to self-realization or enlightenment is simply the desire to live your life from this place. Once you connect with this aspect of yourself, the work is to strengthen the connection so that you live your life from this place, the place of your highest potential.

Many religions have hijacked this information and made it a spiritual pursuit. However, as Einstein the scientist realized, it has nothing to do with God or any religion. It is your natural state of being.

Connecting with your consciousness, this energetic aspect of your being, unlocks the body-mind-consciousness complex and enables you to access your full potential.

These are the techniques that I will use with you to establish and strengthen your body-mind-consciousness connection. My purpose is to support your journey to connecting with your Essential Self and living your life from your highest potential.


Yoga Nidra

A guided meditation technique that allows you to experience a state of pure consciousness or absolute presence.  

Translated as yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra harnesses the body’s ability to fall asleep to guide you to the deepest state of meditation possible, the delta brainwave state. Sleep is the body’s primary tool for maintaining its wellbeing and the delta brainwave state is where all the essential repair and restoration work happens, normally while sleeping at night.   

Yoga Nidra provides an opportunity to experience the delta brainwave state, this state of pure consciousness, consciously and at will, creating muscle memory that strengthens your connection with this aspect of yourself.

Quantum Breath

A breathing technique that can be used in any situation to strengthen your connection with your own consciousness.  

The breath is the bridge between body and mind with every emotional state having its own associated breath.  

Quantum breath goes beyond the body-mind and any normal emotional state. It is designed to establish and strengthen the body-mind-consciousness connection.


External Representation

External Representation

External representation allows you to tap into the resource of your unconscious mind.

Often you know things but you know them outside of your conscious awareness.

Choosing objects to represent a challenge or mapping out a challenge with markers or objects, can give you insight into how you are perceiving a situation outside your consciousness awareness and enable you to see and explore it from a different level of consciousness.

It may sound strange but it’s a powerful method to tap into your deeper understanding of a situation, which you hold outside your conscious awareness.