Client Testimonials

“I highly appreciate Grainne’s professional background. She knows what I am talking about when I tell her about my challenges in my leadership role.  Her powerful coaching enables me to look at my challenges from different angles. I love the unique mix of tools and methods Grainne brings to our sessions.”

“Working with Grainne was an incredible experience. She helped me unlock and reframe challenges I was facing both at work and in my personal life. I was able to make more headway on my professional goals during the four months Grainne and I worked together than I was in the last year. And most importantly, Grainne was encouraging, empathetic, and pushed me to really put myself first as a working mom. She helped me find a new level of wellbeing that I needed so much. Grainne truly was a blessing to me at just the right time.”

“Working with Grainne has been eye-opening in so many ways. I was able to see opportunities and alternatives I never even thought of and identify self-beliefs I didn’t even realize I had which were preventing me from achieving my full leadership potential.”