My Approach

My coaching approach integrates the following Tools:

systemic LENS

Systemic Lens

Applying a systemic lens to challenges brings a whole new perspective to reflections, namely the perspective of the system itself.

What is the system trying to tell you about what you need to focus on? What is your role in the system? What are the dynamics between different parts of the system and how can you facilitate greater cooperation and collaboration between these parts. 


Adult Development

A personal development journey, like all journeys, is easier to navigate with a roadmap and a guide. The adult development frameworks lays out the various developmental challenges and new capacities unlocked at different stages of development. Having this context for challenges you are facing enables you to navigate them more efficiently. You are able to orient yourself appropriately, to better understand the root cause of the challenge and to lean in to the new capacities that are coming online. 




Brain Plasticity

Brain Plasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt, a pre-requisite for adult development. Every time you experience whole brain activation, the neural pathways that equate to that state are fired up. The more you fire up those neural pathways, the stronger they become, the easier they are to access and the longer you can maintain them. My work with clients integrates practices that allow them to work smarter, not harder while also embedding whole brain activation as a state they can access.