My Offering

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching


My clients tend to be experiencing significant transitions in their lives, a step-change in either their inner or outer world. Challenges tend to fall into one of four categories:

  • A significant increase in their responsibilities at work, due to promotion or business growth.
  • A dramatic change in their personal circumstances, such as illness, becoming a parent or caring for aging parents.
  • A growing awareness of a limiting belief system or self-sabotaging behaviour which, if not addressed and overcome, could limit their career trajectory.
  • A feeling of being stuck, most likely attributable to an unconscious belief system that needs to be surfaced and addressed. 

I tailor my coaching approach to my clients and their specific needs and personalities. I aim to meet clients where they are and to use the tools that will resonate most with them. What is common to all coaching engagements is the identification of a clear, overarching goal for the programme, and the use of each session to move towards that goal.

Historically, I have helped clients who have become very detail oriented through their role to broaden their frame of reference so that they can flex between the macro and the micro and get promotion to the next level.
I have helped clients to gain a deeper appreciation of the importance of strong relationships for career success, to shift how they are perceived and to improve their relationship dynamics within their team and organisation.
I have helped clients become aware of how beliefs they hold about who they are, and what they are capable of, are limiting their aspirations and to shift their outlook, opening up new possibilities for themselves.


Team Coaching


I work with teams in transition. My philosophy with teams is that small, incremental and consistent interventions have a greater and longer-lasting impact on team dynamics, than less frequent, more substantial interventions.

My starting assumption is that all the necessary resources are in the team already; my role is to foster the conditions to allow this collective intelligence to emerge.

Initially, I work closely with the team leader and get to know each team member. I work hard to build a relationship with all team members, not just those in charge, recognising that every team member has a part to play in the team’s success. I spend time shadowing the team, observing them in real time, and building a picture of the individual, interpersonal and general team dynamics.

I identify interventions that can be made on a personal and interpersonal level to improve the team dynamics, all the while monitoring and getting clarity on the macro challenges the team is facing.

My goal is to create a high performing team, by breaking down the barriers that block effective communication and collaboration. Key components are open and honest conversation, a high level of transparency, and a collective focus on what is in the best interests of the business.