My Offering



Energy Coaching 

I focus on Passion, Purpose and Power as stages on the journey to achieving your full potential.

Passion focuses on discovering, rediscovering or fine-tuning what energises and excites you and makes you happy.

When you are energised and excited by what you do, you are doing things you are naturally good at. You enter the world of effortless effort. This is the arena of “choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” 

Purpose focuses on identifying a clear goal for your efforts that aligns with your values and unlocks another level of energy and joy. It is not what you are doing at work, it is “why” you are doing it.

With a clear purpose, you are not only energised by the tasks you are doing but also by progress being made towards the end goal. You are highly motivated, energised by what you do and both inspired and inspiring. 

Power refers to authentic power and your ability to be both fully present and fully aligned with your purpose.

What we think of as power today is actually abuse of power. True power emerges when we align ourselves fully behind a vision or purpose that resonates with our deepest values. 

Team Coaching

I work with purpose-driven teams seeking to maximise their impact. My philosophy with teams is that incremental and consistent interventions (weekly touchpoints) have a greater and longer-lasting impact on team dynamics, than less frequent, more substantial interventions (quarterly off-sites). 

Initially, I work closely with the team leader while shadowing the team, building a picture of the team’s current reality. I build a relationship with all team members, recognising that every team member has a part to play in the team’s success. Once a clear picture emerges, we discuss priorities and potential interventions and agree a strategy and timeline that will work best for the team. 

I take on some elements of the work myself and other aspects are contracted out to my network of coaches, facilitators and trainers.

My goal is to create a high performing team, by elevating the collective consciousness of the group. This involves breaking down the internal barriers that block effective communication and collaboration (inner work) and establishing psychological safety for every member of the team by embedding a strong team purpose, the concept of open and honest conversation, a high level of transparency, and a collective focus on what is in the best interests of the business (outer work).