My Offering

COACHINg programmes

Whether leadership coaching or transformational life coaching, we’ll be following the UpWiseZen approach to unlock the wisdom of your own physiology so that you can achieve your full potential. 

Clients can chose between 3-month, 6-month and 12-month programmes, all consisting of weekly one-on-one sessions. These sessions will combine theory and practice, the intellectual and the experiential, so that we’re consistently working at the level of the body and the mind.


Business is all about relationships. Key Relationship Coaching focuses on strengthening business critical relationships within organisations, working with two or more parties to improve communication and streamline work dynamics so that all parties have the opportunity to show up at their best and can learn how best to support each other. 

And, best of all, there is a ripple effect  throughout the organisation as key personnel role-model what good working relationships look like for their teams and peers.

key relationship  Coaching



I am passionate about supporting the wellbeing of senior leaders and leadership teams. Whether you are looking for a one off session or would like a wellbeing programme, we have both off-the-shelf and customised sessions and programmes.

Whether it’s a 90-minute Yoga Nidra workshop before a strategy meeting or away event to enable participants to drop to lower brainwave frequencies supportive of clear-thinking and creativity, or a 3-day team retreat focused on developing trust and better working relationships, or a year-long UpWiseZen programme to take everyone on a personal development journey together, we would be happy to help.